Request a Free Quote! Do-It-Yourself Custom Stationary Patio/Deck Canopies


Canopies can be used to extend your living space for grilling or lounging areas — the possibilities are virtually endless. Reduce room temperatures by as much as 8–15 degrees. Choose from an array of appealing colors and patterns. TCT&A Industries stationary canopies are cost-effective and increase the value of your home.

Slip Fit Installation

TCT&A Industries Slip Fit fittings, made of sturdy, Empigard-finish, shockproof malleable iron, or cadmium-plated steel, offer a time- and labor-saving way to install patio awnings. No threading is necessary, as all fittings simply slip on or over pipe frame and are then secured by means of square-head setscrews. TCT&A Industries Slip Fit fittings permit rapid adjustment when the pipe is not cut to the exact length, since pipe outlets are made to accommodate a 2-inch adjustment.

A fitting made of cadmium-ph steel clamps and a zinc die-cast collar has many applications where a sturdy reinforced assembly is required. It's ideal for patio awning pipe frame assemblies, supporting pipe posts, pipe braces, and all types of special pipe frames.

The interlocking 3-piece fitting provides a rigid, low-cost assembly. Slip the top section over the pipe and adjust to the desired position; tighten the setscrew. Both your hands are then free to quickly bolt the interlocking bottom section to the top section to complete the assembly.