Commercial Backlit Awnings


Let us help you make a positive first impression with a unique, illuminated awning created especially for your business. Backlit awnings combine the charm and flexibility of fabric with the high visibility of a sign, providing round the clock identification to storefronts, shopping malls, theaters, restaurants, hotels—anywhere you want to attract public attention.

The photos are to give you a flavor of what backlit awning can look like. If you see one that is of interest to you, call one of our awning specialists and talk with them about making your next awning backlit.

Backlit awnings can be designed to accentuate any building, outside or inside. TCT&A can help you create an attractive, affordable design using the latest translucent fabrics and specialty framework systems. Backlit awnings can please your customers by creating a sense of excitement, festivity, and celebration in practically any setting.